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Roles in HelpDesk

In HelpDesk, there are two roles: Admin and Agent.


Admin is a role that has all possible permissions. Obviously, you get the role of an Admin when you create a HelpDesk account.

This role has access to payments and invoice details.

Admin can use all the HelpDesk features, make changes in Settings and add other Admins or Agents. 

The number of Admins per account is unlimited.


The number of Agents per account is also unlimited. Agents can solve tickets, add tags and private notes. They can access Settings, but they can't make any changes.

Agents don’t have access to payment details and they can’t invite other Agents or create Teams.

Assigning roles

As an Admin, you can choose what role the newly added user should have. You can also change this role later.

While adding a new user, expand the "Role" dropbox and select the role you want to give to that user.


When you want to change permissions of existing users:

1. Select the editing icon


  1. Go to section "Permissions" and choose the one you want to give