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Create and manage Agents’ accounts

Agents are members of your organization who have access to your HelpDesk account. In this article, you will learn how to manage Agents, including: 

  • How to add a new Agent
  • How to delete Agent accounts
  • How to edit Agent profiles and what you can edit

How to add a new Agent

New Agents can be added by the account Owner. You can add new Agents by sending email invitations.

You can invite your teammates to join you in HelpDesk via email.

1. Go to Agents

2. Click "+Add" in the upper-right corner and click "Invite agents"


3. Enter your teammate’s email (an invitation link will be sent to this email address)


4. Assign them to a Team (optional,if you have more then one Team).

5. Click "Send invitations".

6. Your teammate(s) will receive an invitation email with a verification link. This link redirects to a login page where the Agent can choose a password and sign in

How to edit or delete Agents' profiles 

Agents can customize their accounts in Settings. However, if it's necessary the account settings can be edited by the Owner.

To edit Agent’s profile, go to the Agents section. Then, select an Agent from the list and click the edit icon in the upper-right corner.


You can change the following settings: 

  • Name – change the Agent’s display name
  • Teams – assign the Agent to Teams
  • Email notifications – enable or disable email notifications
  • Delete agent – delete the Agent’s account

When you apply the necessary changes, click "Save changes".