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What is HelpDesk?

HelpDesk is a ticketing system. It means it's a tool to manage your email communication with customers. It works like a mailbox, but has additional features designed to make customer support easier.

When you implement HelpDesk, you get a powerful toolset that helps you organize your emails. At the same time, the responses you write in HelpDesk look just like regular emails, so your customer don't see any difference.

You can use HelpDesk in two ways:

What is a ticket?

In HelpDesk, a ticket is a message displayed in a convenient feed that shows you more than just the contents of the messages. There are customer details on the right and ticket history in the feed. The HelpDesk tickets equip your team with features that help you answer your customers' questions faster and more efficiently.

How to collaborate with your team in HelpDesk?

To see the maximum benefits of using HelpDesk, invite your team to join you and start working together on your customer support projects. You can assign one of two roles to your team members: Admin or Agent.

What are the HelpDesk features that you can use to simplify your customer support?

  • Canned responses that allow you to prepare answers and use them later
  • Statuses that help you identify which tickets need your atention
  • Private notes that make it easier to talk to your teammates within the app
  • Filters and tags that help you with organizing your tickets
  • Teams that allow you to group your agents according to specific roles