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HelpDesk Settings

In settings, you can manage your mailboxes, tags, and email notifications.


In this section, you can check how to set up forwarding or create a customized support email address.

“I have my own support mailbox”

This section is designed to help you with the forwarding setup. You can find your current HelpDesk address here (

“I want to create a brand new support mailbox”

If you want to create a new mailbox for your company, you’re in the right place.

  1. Click “I want to create a brand new support mailbox”.
  2. Click “Create a new mailbox”

3. Customize your HelpDesk address ( Your domain name must consist of 3-63 characters. Only letters, digits and “-” are accepted.


4. Click “Create

5. Wait a couple of minutes for your mailbox to set up properly. You can check the current status in the upper right corner of the box.

6. Once the process is completed, you’ll see a message in green in the upper right corner of the box: “Accepting tickets”.



In this section you can create and manage tags. You can see all the tags created for your license by all the Agents.

Learn more about Tags.

Email notifications

In this section, you can customize notification preferences for your HelpDesk licence (i.e. for all the Agents).

By default, HelpDesk will send you a notification email when a ticket arrives or when you’ve been assigned to a new Team. Also, your customers will be notified when you create a ticket.

You’ll receive notifications when:

  • a ticket or a new response from your client arrives (“New messages”)
  • you’ve been assigned to a new Team (“New team assigned”)
  • there has been a change in a ticket you're assigned to

Also, your customer will receive a notification when you create a ticket (“New ticket confirmation”).

To change your notification settings, check/uncheck the boxes next to the preferences in notifications settings.


Attention: Every Agent can enable/disable notifications for their own account. Read the article about Agents to learn more.